New measures to tackle underage drinking in Kettering pubs

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New measures are to be put in place at bars across Kettering to prevent underage drinkers using false ID to get into pubs.

During the past month, door staff in the town have confiscated 19 driving licences which were either counterfeit, altered, or did not belong to the people using them.

To tackle the problem, Northamptonshire Police and Kettering Pubwatch have put in place new plans to deal with people who try to use false ID.

The move will see confiscated driving licences and passports, which would previously have been returned to their correct owners, sent back to either the DVLA or the Passport Office, along with a letter explaining how they came to be in police hands.

Inspector Adam Ward said the new procedures should serve as a warning to people not to lend their documents to others.

He said: “As part of an enhanced approach to policing Kettering’s night-time economy, a number of new initiatives have been put in place to make the town centre a safer place.

“Part of this approach is ensuring those who are not old enough to drink alcohol are prevented from doing so, while those who attempt to use false ID are dealt with robustly.”

The new procedures will come into force on Friday, May 15.

Previously, documents which were passed onto the police by pubs were registered before being given back to the owners along with words of advice about lending official paperwork to other people.

Kettering Pubwatch chairman, Jamie Lane, welcomed the new approach.

He said: “Our members are always vigilant to identify under-age people entering venues.

“So any initiative that supports licensees and their staff and attempts to dissuade people from using counterfeit or false ID is welcomed by us.”