New Kettering mayor keen to repay town

Cllr Duncan Bain, the 2014-15 mayor of Kettering, with wife and mayoress Carole
Cllr Duncan Bain, the 2014-15 mayor of Kettering, with wife and mayoress Carole

The new mayor of Kettering says the role is the best way to give back to the community.

Duncan Bain, who became mayor earlier this month, moved to the town two decades ago and said the area had been good to him – and he hoped to repay the favour.

He said: “I’ve been just over 20 years in Kettering but I have been associated with this area since the late 1980s. My wife is Kettering born and bred.

“All I have ever wanted to be is a good ward councillor and serve the people of my ward and my borough.

“Kettering has been very good to me and I wanted to put something back in.

“If you become a councillor because you want to give something back, it’s the ultimate to become mayor – what more could you do?”

Cllr Bain, 55, said he hoped to follow the example set by last year’s mayor, Keli Watts.

He added: “You physically can’t do everything.

“You go to some of the smaller events and they are really, really good. You have an enjoyable afternoon and people really appreciate you coming for an hour or two on a Saturday afternoon.

“It’s good to be able to support them and raise their profile.”

The father-of-two has an allotment in Kettering and also keeps chickens.

One of his hobbies is learning about the Falklands War and the islands in general, where he lived for eight years. He was in the archipelago during the 1982 invasion by Argentina.

He said: “I was 18. I wonder how I managed. Coming from the Essex marshes it wasn’t as big a step as it might be today, although the islands have come on tremendously in terms of infrastructure.”

Despite the turmoil of the war, he said he was never going to take up the offer to get out.

He added: “It was an absolutely life-changing experience. I had the opportunity to leave, especially as an ex-pat, but I couldn’t have contemplated leaving the people. Certainly, I could never have gone back.”