New housing scheme for homeless people in Wellingborough

Matthew Fryer
Matthew Fryer

A new scheme has been launched to help homeless people find high-quality, long-term accommodation.

Wellingborough Homes has joined forces with Wellingborough Council to provide up to 42 properties for people who would have previously been given emergency accommodation on a short-term basis.

I’m getting on really well; it’s so much better living here – I feel safe and settled.

Matthew Fryer

Matthew Fryer, 35, is one of the tenants who has been helped by the scheme after an eight-month spell in hospital.

Wellingborough Homes offered him the security of a one-bedroom flat.

He said: “I’m getting on really well; it’s so much better living here – I feel safe and settled.

“I can finally concentrate on getting better and am looking forward to the future.

“I hope to find a job once I’m well enough to do so.”

To start with Matthew had someone from Wellingborough Homes visiting him each week to offer him support.

This has now reduced to monthly visits to make sure he’s doing OK and check the home is in good order.

The scheme allows Wellingborough Homes and Wellingborough Council to support tenants providing a springboard for better health, employment prospects and access to other services.

Head of support and communities at Wellingborough Homes Mo Baker said: “We are delighted to offer this service and help some of the most vulnerable people in the community towards a more secure future.

“When people have to live in emergency, short-term accommodation it can lead to uncertainty and does not allow them time to settle.

“By giving people the chance to call somewhere home, and supporting them to manage their tenancy, they can concentrate on looking forward.”

Providing tenants can pay their rent and look after the property, the scheme enables them to enjoy a more sustainable home and live without the fear of having to move every few weeks.

Support from an experienced team of professionals is also available for those who need it.

To find out more about the initiative contact Mo Baker on 01933 234454 or email