New hotel could be created off the A6

A NEW development featuring possibly a hotel, drive-through restaurant and a petrol station could be created in Rushden.

Chartered surveyors Gorell Barnes have started marketing a site just off the A6, which is currently farmland, on behalf of the landowner to potential investors.

Signs promoting the new roadside development have gone up at the site in the past week and a couple of firms have already expressed an interest in the proposal. A planning application for the site could be submitted this summer.

Gorell Barnes owner John Gorell said: “We think this is quite an exciting proposal.

“Plans have been put forward for a shopping park at Skew Bridge at the other end of Rushden and we think that this end of the town also needs some investment.

“We’re looking at a facility for car users like a hotel, a filling station with a shop and possibly a car showroom and a restaurant which could be a drive-through.

“The site hasn’t got planning permission yet. We’ve made inquiries to East Northamptonshire Council and it has indicated if the development brings investment into Rushden the plans could be looked upon favourably if they had occupiers attached to them.

“It’s very early days yet but we’ve had two very good interested parties come forward and we hope a planning application for the site could go in in the summer.”

The size of the roadside development and the final details about what will be proposed for the site depends on what potential occupiers are interested in developing there.

A spokesman for the John White Golf Club, which is next to the site, said: “This end of Rushden is desperately in need of a cheap hotel. We have weddings here and when people are asking us about accommodation it’s a bit of a nightmare. People have to go over to Wellingborough. So from that point of view I think this is a good idea.”