New homes approved in Gretton despite objections

Planning news
Planning news

A 10-home development will be built next to Gretton Pocket Park, despite protests from residents and the parish council.

The  go-ahead for the  three and four-bed properties on a field off Kirby Road was given by Corby Council’s planning committee at Corby Cube last night (Tuesday).

Cllr Bob Rutt said that although he sympathised with the objectors ‘we have to accept that villages and parishes change.’

The application was made by Mrs Chester who has owned the field for a number of years.

There will be three three-bed terrace homes, two three-bed semi-detached properties, one detached home and four four-bedroom detached houses.

40 per cent of the housing, which sits within the village’s conservation area, will be classed as ‘affordable’.

The homes will be a mixture of red brick properties and natural stone homes.

Speaking against the application, parish council chairman Andrew Royale said: “Gretton is already undersiege with on-street parking and the recent housing needs survey did not show a need for this proposal.”

The development will have 16 car parking spaces and two visitor spaces.

Corby Council had received 30 letters of complaint about the development, which will be situated 60 metres away from the 17th century Grade II listed Manor House farm.

Objectors cited the lack of parking spaces, the extra traffic and the close proximity to the popular pocket park.

Cllr Rutt, who voted for the proposal along with all of his fellow committee members, said: “I can understand the parish council’s point of view.

“Sitting on this planning committee I see an awful lot of infill and building within the village envelope.

“Years ago this land would have been farmed and have cattle on it.

“But nothing stands still for long, it is something we have to accept.”