New group aims to boost community pride on Wellingborough’s Queensway and Hemmingwell estates

The new group is designed to boost community pride in two areas of Wellingborough
The new group is designed to boost community pride in two areas of Wellingborough

A new group which aims to boost feelings of community pride in two areas of Wellingborough has been launched.

The Safer, Stronger Neighbourhoods Partnership will work to find ways to bring people together and nurture a sense of pride in the Queensway and Hemmingwell areas.

The group, which includes members of a variety of community organisations, is chaired by Pratima Dattani from Support Northamptonshire, a group which helps vulnerable people across Wellingborough

She said: “I’m really pleased to be part of this new partnership which must make a real difference for people living in the Hemmingwell and Queensway areas.

“We will measure our impact by how well everyone works together and when people living in these neighbourhoods can say ‘I feel safe and love living here’.”

The new partnership has been backed by the Wellingborough Community Safety Partnership, which includes Northamptonshire Police, Wellingborough Council and other agencies, and has ambitious plans to reduce the harm of drugs and reduce violence and anti-social behaviour in Wellingborough.

Inspector Lara Alexander-Lloyd is vice chairman of the new group.

She said: “Working with the communities in the Hemmingwell and Queensway areas, I am sure we can develop and boost the already strong feelings of community pride there are there.

“It’s wonderful that so many organisations have come on board to work with us and I’m sure that together we will make a real difference.”

A key focus of the Safer Stronger Neighbourhoods Partnership will be helping young people to develop and achieve to their fullest potential.

It also hopes to make the area a safe place where people are proud to live.

The main areas of work the partnership will focus on are empowering communities, helping residents aspire for a better future, training and enterprise and making areas cleaner, greener and safer.

It will also work to make services more accessible to the community through the use of community hubs, where several organisations are based under one roof.

Groups which are part of the partnership include:

- Support Northamptonshire

- Northamptonshire Police

- NCC Early help

- Places for People

- Wellingborough Homes

- Service Six

- Glamis Hall

- Hemmingwell Community Centre

- West African Caribbean Centre

- Wellingborough Schools


- Wellingborough Council

- Institute for Crime and Justice

- Northants Police and Crime Commissioner

- Queensway Medical Centre