New fundraising team for British Heart Foundation launched in Rushden

Rushden's new fundraising team
Rushden's new fundraising team

A group of volunteers have come together to raise money for life-saving research into heart disease.

As part of national Volunteers Week, the British Heart Foundation (BHF) is celebrating the work of its committed volunteers from across the country.

British Heart Foundation

British Heart Foundation

And this includes Audrey Jennings, Nicola Kenton, Rachel Hooper and Susanna Perl.

Audrey from Rushden joined the Rushden fundraising group, set up this year, because heart disease can happen to anyone.

She said: “I wanted to make people aware of this and how the British Heart Foundation are fighting to beat it.”

Nicola, 22, from Rushden, said: “I wanted to get involved as someone who lives with a heart condition locally and likes to volunteer.

“I was inspired by the advert that the BHF released for Heart month and luckily, the Rushden fundraising group had just been formed.”

Rachel from Wellingborough said: “After being heavily involved in fundraising and charity work a few years ago I wanted to get back into this and offering my time to a worthwhile charity.

“The British Heart Foundation seemed a natural choice for me as so many people around me are or have been affected by heart issues.

“Being involved at the start of a fundraising group is exciting because there are so many opportunities to promote the good work of the charity as well as raise valuable funds and distribute resources which might save someone’s life – I can’t think of a better reason to be involved than that.”

Susanna from Rushden got involved because she enjoys doing good things for a good cause.

And she added: “I know some people who have had heart problems and conditions and have died or survived and I’ve seen how having a heart condition can have a massive impact not only on the person with the condition, but the family too.”

There are currently more than 250 fundraising groups across the UK representing the BHF in their local communities, with more than 1,700 volunteers.

From running fundraising events to supporting schools and local businesses or organising collections, it’s a great way to get involved and raise funds for heart research.

The money raised by BHF volunteers helps fund groundbreaking discoveries and identify new treatments that could help save more people from the devastating effects of heart disease.

Carrie Seaton, BHF fundraising manager for Leicestershire and Northamptonshire, said: “We would like to say a huge thank you to Rushden fundraising group for all their hard work with the BHF.

“We are extremely grateful to all our invaluable supporters, like Audrey, Nicola, Rachel and Susanna who are committed to the cause.

“Heart and circulatory disease affects around 7 million people in the UK, however around 11,000 people in East Northamptonshire are fighting their daily battles with heart and circulatory disease.

“Heart and circulatory disease kills nearly 200 people each year in East Northamptonshire – nearly a quarter of them before the age of 75.

“Without our volunteers we wouldn’t be able to do the research we do in order to save lives.

“We are encouraging members of the local community to come forward and start their volunteering journey and become part of the BHF community.”

For more information on joining the Rushden group or starting a group in your area visit or email