New development plans are unveiled

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Plans for a major new development which is expected to create 2,500 jobs if it goes ahead have been unveiled.

Stanion Properties consulted residents on its plans for a new distribution-based business park on a site off Geddington Road, Corby.

It launched its new proposals at Corby Cube and Stanion Village Hall yesterday.

Simon Jenkins, senior vice-president for Prologis, which is working on the joint venture with Bee Bee Developments, said the scheme is hoping to attract private investor funding.

He said: “One of the most significant things given the economic situation in Corby is jobs generation. We say this will be something in the order of 2,500 jobs.

“A lot of the public comments tend to revolve around traffic issues and where will traffic go. By the time we start this development the Corby Link Road will be in place.

“People are also asking what we can do to improve access to the woodland and about cycle paths.”

The scheme is expected to be a five to 10-year project, he added.

Changes have been made since the firm put forward its original proposals in 2007. The new development has been reduced to cover 2.5 million sq ft and will no longer be served by a rail link.

Marion Ferguson, 63, of High Street, in the Old Village, visited the exhibition with her husband Joe.

She said: “I think it’s actually good for Corby for the jobs. Considering we have lost 1,000 jobs in the last couple of weeks we need something.”

Mr Ferguson, 56, added: “As long as traffic is diverted on to the new bypass there’s no problem.”