New cuts and more parking charges

Corby Council is considering axing its contribution to PCSOs in the town
Corby Council is considering axing its contribution to PCSOs in the town

Corby Council could withdraw its £50,000 funding for three PCSOs in the town and introduce new car parking charges in a bid to bridge a large funding gap.

The ruling Labour group is also proposing a two per cent council tax increase, which will mean an extra 5p a week for people in band A and B properties.

However, despite the tough economic conditions facing the authority, a plan to put up council house rents by five per cent is set to be rejected by councillors, who are calling for a three per cent increase.

The 2013-2014 budget proposals will go out to public consultation until January before final decisions are made.

Chris Stanbra, leader of the Liberal Democrats on Corby Council, said: “PCSOs in Corby do fantastic work and, along with the council’s neighbourhood wardens, are at the forefront of the fight to make our town a better place to live.

“When the consultation starts I urge all local residents to get involved and if they agree with us, to make their voices heard in support of PCSOs.”

Cllr Rob McKellar said: “This is a very difficult budget.

“We now have to listen to people and take on board their reactions and views on what they want us to do.”

Cllr Mark Pengelly said: “The consultation will be wide-ranging and will include residents, the parish councils and tenants and residents’ associations. It is a difficult budget and I would urge people to give us their views. I am also asking the opposition on the council to put forward any ideas they have.”

Council director of corporate service Adrian Sibley said the authority will face a £1m deficit over four years.