New course for county bikers

Northants Police are launching a new course for motorcyclists
Northants Police are launching a new course for motorcyclists

A new course aimed at motorcyclists has been launched by Northamptonshire Police.

The force has a long established history of road safety education with its own course BikeKraft, and has now signed up to the Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO) BikeSafe scheme, which aims to provide motorcyclists with expert guidance on how to stay safe while out and about.

The first course took place on September 2, and saw eight motorcyclists receive an expert assessment from the force’s Driver Police Advanced Motorcyclists.

BikeSafe is a national, police-led initiative which seeks to engage riders of powered two wheelers, is aimed at increasing their awareness and creating a genuine desire to learn about safer riding, thus bridging the gap to further training from voluntary or professional bodies.

Operations Superintendent Sean Bell said the course provides an ideal opportunity for any motorcyclist that wants to gain more expertise in how to use their bike safely.

Supt Bell added: “We are committed to making Northamptonshire’s roads as safe as possible and courses such as this allow us to work with motorists in improving skills which we hope will benefit all road users.

“Every motorist has a huge responsibility in making sure they adhere to the law, drive safely and appropriately to the conditions they face.

“BikeSafe is an ideal way for us to work with motorcyclists in providing extra safety techniques that we hope will assist them while they are using our roads.

“Of course, other motorists also have a responsibility to look out for motorcyclists, making sure they drive appropriately to ensure the safety of all road users.”

Subjects covered during the day-long course include observation, positioning, hazard perception, cornering, overtaking, braking and collision causation.

To find out more about the scheme or to book a place, log on to or call 08444 151206.