New community garden for Ringstead thanks to £17,000 grant

A village is set to have a new community garden with the help of a grant from Mick George Ltd.

Mick George has made a grant of £17,000 for a community garden in Ringstead
Mick George has made a grant of £17,000 for a community garden in Ringstead

Ringstead Parish Council has been looking to find the money to create a new community garden at the heart of the village for some time.

And they were delighted when local business Mick George Ltd said it will provide the necessary funding to transform the site, which will replace a derelict old factory on the High Street.

The £17,000 grant will pay for the site to be professionally landscaped, including paths, grass, plantations and trees installed, alongside permanent seating as well as other features such as a new village ‘coat of arms’ sign and a board about the village’s history.

Ringstead parish clerk Jeff Hornsey said: “We’re delighted to learn that we have been awarded funding from the Mick George Community Fund.

“Councillors have spoken that this generous contribution from Mick George Ltd will enable a long awaited amenity improvement to proceed which will provide a visual focus at the centre of the village for the benefit of all the residents of Ringstead.”

It is hoped that once the garden is finished, it will provide a tranquil, peaceful and relaxing environment for people to enjoy and socialise, particularly for elderly residents.

Schoolchildren from the area will be invited to submit ideas for the design of the garden.

Jon Stump, finance director at Mick George Ltd, said: “Having a site on the outskirts of Ringstead means we are particularly familiar with the region and have built a wonderful relationship with the local community.

“We appreciate their support and wherever possible we’re always looking to give something back.

“We look forward to seeing the results and hope the local residents enjoy their new surroundings.”

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