New church for Wellingborough approved

An artist's impression of the new Gleneagles Anglican Church in Wellingborough
An artist's impression of the new Gleneagles Anglican Church in Wellingborough

A new church is to be built to serve both its congregation and the local community.

Gleneagles Anglican Church has met at Redwell Junior School since 1990, but will soon have new purpose-built premises in Farm Road, Wellingborough, near the Ock n Dough pub.

The plans, which were submitted for a second time to include more parking, were unanimously passed by Wellingborough Council’s planning committee last month.

The Rev Melvyn Pereira said: “When we went to the planning meeting we had no reason to believe it was a done deal.

“We were pleasantly surprised to find the councillors were amazingly positive.

“The whole plan is that it will be a church and a community building.

“Our mission statement says to serve the community. That is a major part of what the church is about.”

He added: “We hope people in the community will share the vision and see how positive a thing this church will be, the councillors certainly thought so.”

The church has a target of £1.7m to raise, although only between £400,000 and £500,000 is needed to get building work under way.

Revd Pereira said: “Our target is to raise £1.7m.

“We will be encouraging our own people to give, and we have got an ongoing fund which quite a few people are putting into.

“We are having a prayer week next week and one of the days will be focusing on the building.

“There are various trust funds which we will also be approaching.

“It’s a faith venture.”

The new church, which will take about nine months to build, will have a 332-seat auditorium, cafe/foyer area, seminar rooms, kitchen, creche, multi-purpose hall and 60 parking spaces.

These facilities will be on offer to the community, whether for weddings, christenings or funerals or for meetings, functions and events.

With the community being urged to make use of the new building, it is hoped it will also encourage more people to join the church.

In 2007, there were 42 on the church’s electoral roll, but this went up to 102 in 2013.

Revd Pereira said: “We really feel that God has been putting a number of key people into our church getting us ready to move into this new building.

“29 new people have joined the church in 2013 - 17 adults and 12 children and teenagers.

“It’s all part of getting us ready for what’s ahead.”

Revd Pereira said he was excited about the building project.

He is looking forward to seeing it come to fruition as well as being enjoyed by both the congregation and local community.

He said: “We are a friendly, welcoming church.

“A phrase I use a lot is God is building something here – we have said that all along, even before we were building a church building.

“We would like to see the local community recognise that this is for them and to believe in the vision and play a part, even if it’s a small part.”

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