New chief learning about local issues

WELLINGBOROUGH Council’s new chief executive John Campbell has been busy learning about the area and the issues in his first 10 days in the role.

Mr Campbell took up the post on Monday last week and has been getting familiarised with the borough ever since.

He has been on a tour of the town and surrounding villages and is meeting each councillor and going out and about to learn about the issues in each ward.

Mr Campbell said despite the council just agreeing its budget for 2012-13, one of his priorities was to start looking at the budget for 2013-4 and beyond. He said another big theme important for the area was growth.

Mr Campbell said: “I think growth is going to happen, it’s going to happen here and everywhere as we move forward. I think the really important thing is the borough council is at the heart of that, co-ordinating the growth and making sure it’s right for the borough. Everyone I speak to speaks to me about residential growth and making sure it’s sustainable as well.

“What we don’t want is lots and lots of houses and no jobs along with them because then you get a dormitory town.”

He said the council had to be realistic about economic development and job creation in the current climate and while he couldn’t make it happen instantly, the council needed a long-term plan to deliver it.

Mr Campbell said people living in the borough were his and the council’s priority.

He said: “At the end of the day what the councillors and officers are doing is done for the residents of the borough. We need to make sure we don’t forget that.”