New barriers to be put around huge Burton Latimer hole

The huge hole on Polwell Lane.
The huge hole on Polwell Lane.

New ‘sturdy’ barriers will surround a monstrous hole in Burton Latimer after calls to improve safety measures.

Phil Craig complained about the depression between a footpath and the road in Polwell Lane, close to the Morrisons factory.

He claims he was told the hole, which is 2m wide, was ‘between 5m and 8m deep’ – although the county council says it is just 1m in depth.

Now new barriers will be put around it with a view to finding a long-term solution.

A spokesman for Northamptonshire County Council said: “We are aware of the depression in the verge at Polwell Lane, Burton Latimer, which is about 1 metre deep.

“A barrier has been erected around it for safety reasons and we are about to install a sturdier barrier, which has been requested.

“It is believed that the depression has been caused by a defect in the storm water drains but we need to carry out further investigation work to fully identify the cause.

“Once we have done this we can work towards a long-term solution.”

The hole is full of vegetation and rubbish and its depth is difficult to estimate by looking at it.

Mr Craig, who lives in Diana Way, said the hole in its current state is a safety risk for children who walk along the footpath.

He said: “The hole has been there for nine to 10 years and children walk past it on the way to school every day.

“Imagine that in the dark.

“There are barriers there but they’re flimsy and blow over in the wind.

“Nobody seems to want to take any responsibility and if it’s a cost thing, what’s the cost of a child’s life?

“Children and animals could easy fall down it.”