New and improved shops for Corby town centre

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A flourishing town centre has welcomed a new face to the high street and announced the extension of one of its most successful stores.

The Works has opened its new concept book store in Corporation Street in Corby.

It will sell books at competitive prices plus a huge range of craft items.

And H&M has announced that it is to extend its store to a neighbouring unit. The clothing giant already has a large shop in Willow Place but will now move in to the unit next door currently occupied by Trespass, which is not renewing its lease when it runs out.

It means H&M will be able to offer a larger range of menswear to customers.

Town centre manager Daniel Pickard said: “The Trespass discount store didn’t want to renew their lease which has worked to the advatnage of H&M who are bringing in their full retail offer.

“It’s really exciting and a good opportunity for them and for the town.

“They will be able to have a much-enhanced menswear department. It’s good that they are investing in the town and are in a position where they really want to expand.”

“It is hoped the alterations will be completed in time for the Christmas shopping period.

“The Works is looking fantastic. It’s one of their new concept stores and is very different to the store they had here a few years ago. I think it will do really well in Corby.”