Neglected pets need our help

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Thank you to the Evening Telegraph for highlighting the shocking level of neglect and abuse to animals in our county.

Over the past year, readers have heard about abandoned dogs, pets being dumped in recycling bins and the sick act against two parrots at Wicksteed Park.

We have also heard details of how owners of dogs attacked by other dogs find it hard to report these incidents as no one authority wants to take responsibility.

Horrified by what is going on in our towns, Labour councillors on Kettering Council proposed changes at December’s full council: we asked for support to improve the council’s approach to how it deals with animal welfare.

All councillors agreed that more could be done, but one of our committees may gather evidence and report back on how we take a better approach to these issues. Labour’s plan for better standards in animal welfare is:

1. A reporting scheme for missing animals

2. The compulsory scanning of road kill cats for chips

3. Road kill animal identification surgery– helpful if a pet has been missing for a while

4. Use of wardens to manage difficult situations with dog on dog attacks

5. Publication of a set of protocols for dog-on-dog attacks

6. Stronger approach to ecological issues in our planning committees.

We accept that money is not available to fund an animal welfare officer at the council and these are only small steps that can be taken. If readers have policy suggestions they can contact me on email:


Borough councillor for Avondale, Grange ward, Kettering Council