Need the loo in Kettering? Another business has joined a public toilet scheme

The council's toilet map.
The council's toilet map.

Another business will act as a public toilet in Kettering as part of the council’s community toilet scheme.

The scheme sees members of the public able to use toilet facilities in places which have signed up without having to make a purchase.

It came to fruition after the removal of public toilets from the town in a bid to save £135,000 a year from the council’s budget.

Now another business has joined the scheme - Aura in Market Street.

Other places in the town which are part of the scheme include: Kettering Library, Earl of Dalkeith, Morrisons, Sainsbury’s, Kettering Council, McDonald’s, and the Newlands Shopping Centre (20p charge).

The council’s website provides an interactive map to show people where the toilets are located.

*A previous version of this story stated that Frio and No.3 Pub and Kitchen had joined the scheme. Kettering Council has now informed the Northants Telegraph that the wrong information was sent out and this is not the case.