Need a coat in Kettering? You can borrow one for free

The coat rail outside the Yards.
The coat rail outside the Yards.

A coat-borrowing scheme has been set up outside Kettering’s Yards development.

The coat rail at the shopping experience in Market Street was set up after a customer came up with the idea.

Michaela Jones, managing director at the Yards, said: “A customer of ours, Kate Forster, sent us in the idea of having a ‘giving rail’ as she thought it suited our ethos and we immediately loved it.

“It’s just something to help the community and give back.”

Customers can take a coat if they need one, or leave a coat if they want to help.

Even though spring is approaching it is not particularly warm - especially for the town’s homeless and rough sleepers.

A similar idea has already been set up in Daventry outside the Sheaf Street Health Store.

The store’s owner, Shaun Higgs, said: ““It has attracted a lot of attention, even from people just walking past.

“It is something for the community.

“We pride ourselves on helping the community and being a hub, so it was a little thing we thought that we could do.”