Natural spring, stream or simply a big leak?

David Barker is concerned the leak in Sharman Road has not been properly investigated
David Barker is concerned the leak in Sharman Road has not been properly investigated

Del Boy thought he’d found a natural spring when he produced the famous Peckham Water in Only Fools and Horses – but residents of Wellingborough are not so happy to have discovered a new source of H20.

For the last six weeks water has been trickling down Sharman Road, despite the current drought and impending hosepipe ban.

Anglian Water says that it is most likely it is not mains water, so it could be due to a mysterious sixth well being discovered in Wellingborough.

The the town has always been noted for its great number of wells and springs. Five wells – Red Well, White Well, Stan Well, Burymoor Well and Rising Sun Well – all feature on the borough’s coat of arms.

But one resident, a former engineer, insists there is a more logical answer – that the water must be coming from a broken pipe.

David Barker, 67, of Hill Street, Wellingborough, said: “If it’s natural water, why haven’t they put a pipe in it to pump it into Pitsford Reservoir?

“There’s no natural spring there any more, it has been dried up since Morrisons was built, and as there has been such a dry period, what they are saying is rubbish.”

In the 1992 Christmas episode of Only Fools and Horses, the Trotter family attempted to pass off tap water as being from a natural spring.

David Jason’s famous loveable character could only have dreamed of bottling water from a potential Wellingborough spring.

After carrying our several tests, Anglian Water insists the stream isn’t mains water, and that it could be from a natural stream.

A spokesman for organisation said the source of the water was still “a mystery”.

He said: “We have done exhaustive searches and we have sampled the water, and it isn’t mains water. We couldn’t pick up any trace of the things we would expect to find in mains water.

“It has been popping up around the area for a couple of months. It started in West Villa Road. We think it could be a stream. No-one knows where it has come from.”

The Environment Agency is also involved in finding the origins of the water.

A spokesman added: “We are working with Anglian Water to try to find the source of the water on Sharman Road.”