National Grid apologises over faulty set of traffic lights in Northamptonshire

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Malfunctioning traffic lights in Northamptonshire that were stuck on red in all directions will be removed within two weeks.

They were erected at the Hardwater crossing in Great Doddington as National Grid staff worked to replace the gas mains.

Yesterday motorists were left confused when both sets were stuck on red, leading to queues of about 20 minutes as drivers dithered over whether it was safe to proceed.

A spokesman for National Grid said: “We’re sorry for the inconvenience. We’ve been carrying out vital work to ensure people in the area continue to enjoy safe and reliable gas supplies.

“It’s unknown as to what caused the fault on the lights however our supervisor went over to site on Thursday morning to manage the traffic until the traffic management company could arrive.

“They have now fixed the lights and traffic is flowing.”

The lights have been in place at the Hardwater crossing for about 10 days.

National Grid said the scheme of works affects Earls Barton Road, Hardwater Road and Cut Throat Lane and is due to finish on May 26.