Natalie wins beauty prize despite her late illness

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A Wellingborough mum has won a beauty pageant and helped to raise more than £1,400 for a good cause.

Natalie Allen was taking part in Carnival Queen International in Huddersfield and took home the overall prize as well as the award for the Best Fashion Theme.

In the run-up to the event, Natalie raised £1,410 for the Huddersfield African Caribbean Cultural Trust.

She also suffers from an auto-immune condition called systemic sclerosis and has raised money for a charity which funds research into the condition.

Natalie said: “I was told by many that I was an inspiration being a sufferer of an auto-immune condition and getting up on stage with a gleaming presence, great posture and infectious smile.

“Behind the scenes I was a coughing mess – dosed on pain relief an antibiotics for a chest infection. I met a lovely bunch of kids, girls and ladies. We were a team and encouraged each other.

“For those few moments on stage I did everyone proud and I am very grateful for the judges for choosing me as Queen.”

Natalie added: “I intend to appear at many health organisations and hospitals encouraging children adults to keep smiling and fighting as I have.”

Natalie is no stranger to beauty pageants, having won the Miss Charity title at the Face of the Globe pageant last year. She is also appearing in two films later this year.