Mystery winner claims £1,500 vouchers prize

Mystery winning shopper Tina Draycott with Wellingborough BID Manager John Cable
Mystery winning shopper Tina Draycott with Wellingborough BID Manager John Cable

The mystery winner of £1,500 of vouchers from a Wellingborough Christmas shopping competition has come forward after spotting an appeal in the Telegraph.

Tina Draycott only left an email address on the winning ticket and had not replied to several emails telling her of the win.

After failing to get hold of Miss Draycott, organisers of the contest were on the verge of calling off the search and using the prize money for a future competition.

But thankfully the 45-year-old, of Wellingborough, was alerted by her sister-in-law who read in the paper last week that the winner had the same surname as her.

The grandmother-of-three said: “I had forgotten my password to my email account before Christmas but when I was told that I was a potential winner, I spent an hour trying to remember it. When I eventually got in I found an email saying I had won. It was wonderful news.

“I have never had a new television, so I have bought a brand new smart TV and some vouchers for Morrisons.”

The shopping competition was organised by Wellingborough’s Business Improvement District (Bid), a scheme bringing together retailers to promote shopping in the town centre.

Miss Draycott, a volunteer at the Well Café on the town’s Hemmingwell estate, added: “I have always shopped in Wellingborough and always will. The shops are great and they are getting better. I think competitions like this organised by the Bid can only be a good thing for Wellingborough because they bring more people into the town centre. I will definitely be checking my emails from now on and it was great my sister-in-law spotted my name in the paper.”

John Cable, Wellingborough Bid manager, said: “We are very pleased that, thanks to the appeal in the Northants Telegraph, we got to find our mystery winner. We even had about 10 people with the surname Draycott ringing us to see if they were the lucky winner!”

He said they run a similar competition again soon.