Mystery over stray dog spotted daily at locations across Wellingborough

This poster has been distributed across Wellingborough
This poster has been distributed across Wellingborough

A woman is appealing for help with a dog which has been spotted countless times in Wellingborough but runs away whenever anyone gets near it.

The dog was first spotted on the Wilby Way estate in Wellingborough about six weeks ago on February 25.

Since then, there have been daily sightings across the town, including Croyland Park, Burns Road, Penrith Drive, Hatton Park, Kiln and Minerva Way, Castle Fields, London Road and Wellingborough train station.

Geraldine Guy launched an appeal on Facebook to see if anyone recognised the dog or to identify its owner, but no-one has come forward.

She has also distributed more than 100 posters to various locations across the town where the dog has been seen.

Geraldine then contacted the Northants Telegraph to widen the search and said: “We have been tracking this dog for the last few weeks, aiming to set up a food station and then set a humane dog trap in a prime location.

“This dog is petrified of people and will run away if approached.

“We desperately need to get the word out to people, if left alone the dog will follow a set route and return to feed stations enabling us to set up the trap and hopefully catch this dog safely.”

And she added: “We are asking that people continue to contact us with a location, time and direction in which the dog headed.

“We have no idea where this dog has come from and although this dog has been shared all over Facebook, no owner has come forward and no-one appears to recognize the dog either, its a complete mystery.”

Geraldine said people have been ‘amazing’ by reporting any sightings but she has also called on some experts to help her, including the local dog warden and a professional dog trapper from Newcastle.

But despite all her efforts, the dog has still not been caught.

Geraldine, who fosters dogs for the Wellingborough-based FAB Rescue (Frances Adores Bullbreeds), said: “We desperately need your help to get the word out to a wider audience.

“Six weeks is a long time for a dog to be straying, especially one that is running scared.

“I am praying for a happy outcome as are many others, I’m sure.

“We have a group on Facebook called Wellingborough Stray Dog and all our contact details can be found on our poster.

“We need people to contact us with sightings and photos if possible so that we can monitor this dog’s condition.

“I really hope you can help us and this dog, I feel time is running out.”