Musicians set to fanfare the flame

YOUNG musicians in Corby are set for the experience of a lifetime when they provide the fanfare for the Olympic Flame coming to the town.

Talented teenagers are being recruited to line the flame’s route and perform the iconic music from the film Chariots of Fire.

And some will be playing using equipment donated by legendary Queen guitarist Brian May.

The flame will be passing through the town on July 2 and will be played in by the Oakley Rangers youth group and pupils from Corby Business Academy, Brooke Weston Academy and Lodge Park Technology College.

Further schools may also sign up before the big day.

The event is the brainchild of Oakley Vale author and musician Paul Balmer, who runs the Oakley Rangers group.

He is applying for a Lottery grant to help fund the event.

Mr Balmer said: “For me it is about building self-esteem. What a great feeling to be there when the Olympic flame comes to your town and you will be fanfaring it in.

“I would hope they would remember it all their lives.

“It is about taking the feel-good factor and experience. Having that connection with something as big as the Olympics is really great.”

But before the event, Mr Balmer is having to explain the significance of the film to the children.

He said: “I have got the DVD and I’m going to sit them all down at the Connaughty Centre and show it to them.”

Brian May and Mr Balmer share a publisher and were put in touch with each other, as Mr Balmer is writing his latest book on how to build a guitar.

Mr May is one of rock’s most famous players of a self-built guitar.

Mr Balmer visited his mansion in Ascot and talked to him about the Oakley Rangers group – and he donated kit including an amp, effects pedals, plectrums, cables and strings.