Musician receives £15,000 to create the Sounds of Home

Musician Paula Boulton
Musician Paula Boulton

Corby musician Paula Boulton has been awarded £15,000 by the Arts Council of England for a year-long project which will reflect the town’s multi-cultural community.

She has been interviewing residents who have come to the town from 28 different countries to find out what music reminds them of home.

Using her research, Paula is to compose Sounds of Home, a unique composition inspired by music from all over the world.

She said: “I started doing the interviews in 2010. Using people’s stories and the music from the countries they have come from I will be creating a musical tapestry which will give a snapshot of Corby’s ethnic make-up in one moment in time.

“I have interviewed people from Chile, Portugal, Hungary and Thailand to name just a few of the musical styles.”

Paula will be collaborating with 42 local musicians at a series of workshops during the project to develop the work for performances next year.

She has already produced the Prelude which was performed as part of the Commonwealth Day celebrations outside the Cube in July and will be performed again at a cultural event at Corby Irish Centre on Saturday.

Paula said: “The first part of the project is about research, development and composing. The second phase, when Sounds of Home is complete, will be performances in spring next year.

“It’s a huge project which will involved many musical styles and musicians from brass band, to folk, rock and baroque.”