Music memories day to celebrate the rock and pop history of East Northants

Roger Kinsey with some of the memories he has gathered so far
Roger Kinsey with some of the memories he has gathered so far

People are invited to take a trip down memory lane to reminisce about the music scene in East Northants in the 60s and 70s.

Ringstead Heritage Group is trying to gather as many musicians and music fans who remember this era for the special event later this month.

Roger is hoping to gather music memorabilia such as this poster

Roger is hoping to gather music memorabilia such as this poster

Local bands from the time include Did & The Missing Links, Original Cheveraks, The J4, Rockin’ Roadrunners, The Detours, Blue Diamonds, Mythical Centaurs & The Frazzle.

But as well as local bands, other bands have links to the area, such as Pink Floyd who used to be known as The Tea Set and played in Old Weston village hall and Kimbolton.

The Nags Head at Wollaston also hosted many famous names and it is memories and memorabilia from these gigs which the heritage group is trying to collect.

Roger Kinsey, secretary of the heritage group, said: “Ringstead Heritage Group is keen to capture the history of the music scene in this area and will celebrate it at this special event with the intention of publishing a book.

Fireflies in 1965

Fireflies in 1965

“If you were in a local band or have memories of this music scene or know someone who was, please contact us.

“If you are still playing, we would love to include you on stage at the event with your band or just to take part in a big jam session on the day.”

Roger, whose love of music started when he was nine, would love to hear from anyone who has photographs, gig and set lists or posters which they can display on the day.

He is also looking for any recordings of local gigs on tape or film.

In preparation for the event and several books he is hoping to publish afterwards, Roger has been working with Mavis Tompkins, wife of the late Derek Tompkins who started Beck Studios.

The recording studio was based in Regent Street, Kettering, initially before moving to Cambridge Street in Wellingborough and had numerous famous groups, singers and songwriters pass through its doors over the years.

And while Roger has already had a lot of people coming forward with memories, he would love to hear from as many people as possible, including those who went to gigs or who remember their parents or grandparents talking about local gigs at the time.

Roger said: “If we don’t record this very important part of 20th century social history, it will be gone and I am determined that we don’t do that.”

The music memories day is taking place from midday to 11pm on Sunday, September 30, at Ringstead Village Social Club.

It will include tales of the music industry from Roger at 3.30pm, a giant jamming session from 4pm until 7pm, a display of Jive dancing and the evening finishing with The Halestones live on stage.

Anyone who wants to attend or has memories from the time can call Roger on 01933 460676 or email

Roger is also looking for at least two vinyl dealers who would be happy to go along on the day and have a stall selling vinyl.