Murder victim kicked ‘like a football’

Northampton Crown Court
Northampton Crown Court

A 60 year-old man who was murdered was allegedly kicked ‘like a football’ before his death, a court was told.

The jury at Northampton Crown Court were read transcripts from the police questioning of a man accused of murdering Glenn Clary.

In the police’s interviews with John York he told officers how he and two friends, Gary Monaghan and Jennifer Ryan, had punched, kicked and stamped on the head of Mr Clary.

He claimed that during the assault, when Mr Clary had fallen to the floor, both him and Monaghan had stamped on the victim’s head and Monaghan and Ryan had kicked him to the body.

When asked how hard Mr Clary had been kicked by Monaghan, York told the police officer: “Lets just say he was booting him like a football.”

Glenn Clary, of Garden Field Close, Irthlingborough, was discovered dead at Gary Monaghan’s house in Crouch Road on August 26 last year.

York was also living with Monaghan at the time, creating his ‘bed’ with a sleeping bag on the lounge floor.

Three people are accused of Mr Clary’s murder, including York, 23, of Crouch Road, Irthlingborough; Monaghan, 64, also of Crouch Road, and Ryan, 46, of Baker Street, Irthlingborough.

However, York claimed that the trio did not mean to kill Mr Clary and had only meant to ‘give him a slap.’ He had told the officers: “I didn’t expect him to die, I didn’t want him to die.”

He said in the interview that the three defendants and the victim had been drinking in the home on Crouch Road. However, a disagreement ensued and York punched Mr Clary. He claims that the victim hit his head on the wall and then both Monaghan and Ryan joined the assault.

He alleges that Ryan then told him to tie Mr Clary up because he would ‘go down the High Street and tell everyone.’ Mr Clary was then allegedly tied to a chair in the lounge with blue rope and the defendants left the property.

York claimed that they returned to the building again, later in the evening. He said that he went to untie the rope around Mr Clary’s feet but the victim tried to push him and the trio attacked the man once more. He said they left the home again but returned a final time to find Mr Clary was dead.

The court also heard evidence today (Monday February 25) from a forensic scientist who inspected the property after the murder.

Penny Griffiths told the court that blood was sprayed across the lounge wall in the property. She said that the blood was mixed with stomach acid, indicating that Mr Clary had suffered a ‘severe blow’ causing him to exhale and release the blood from his air ways, splattering it across the wall.

York, Monaghan and Ryan are all charged with murder. Ryan, York, and Neil Adams, 28, of Thomas Flawn Road, Irthlingborough, also face further charges of grievous bodily harm and false imprisonment in connection with an assault on Daniel Freeman, on August 18. York also faces a charge of robbery.

York admits false imprisonment but denies all the other charges against him.

All the other defendants deny all charges against them.

The trial continues.