Murder trial hears of victim’s violent death

The house in Crouch Road where Glenn Clary's body was found
The house in Crouch Road where Glenn Clary's body was found
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A murder victim was discovered with blood on his face, his trousers pulled down and injuries across his body, a court has heard.

Glenn Clary, 60, of Garden Field Close, was discovered dead at a house in Crouch Road, Irthlingborough, on August 26 last year.

Three people charged with his murder appeared in Northampton Crown Court on Wednesday as the trial began.

Within the prosecution’s opening statement the court was played a recording of what they say was one of the defendants, John York, ringing up emergency services on the night of the murder and telling them “I’ve killed someone”.

York, 23, of Crouch Road, Irthlingborough, Gary Monaghan, 64, also of Crouch Road, and Jennifer Ryan, 46, of Baker Street, Irthlingborough, are all charged with murder.

York, Ryan, and Neil Adams, 28, of Thomas Flawn Road, Irthlingborough, also face further charges of grievous bodily harm and false imprisonment in connection with an assault on another man, Daniel Freeman, on August 18.

York is also charged with robbery, after allegations he stole a phone from Daniel Freeman in a separate incident.

The court was told York made his phone call to the emergency services at 11.05pm and told the call handler the victim had been dead for three hours.

He was said to have told the call handler that it was an incident that had “got out of proportion” and that he had not meant to kill Mr Clary.

It was claimed Monaghan also spoke to the phone operator and describing the death as an accident and not their fault.

However, Stephen Lowne, prosecuting, said the incident was not one involving a loss of control but that the elements of intimidation and humiliation involved appeared to suggest the defendants received some sort of pleasure out of it.

The charges also relate to an incident on August 18, which occurred at Ryan’s house.

The victim, Daniel Freeman, 26, was at the house on the morning drinking cider.

The other defendants arrived at the house later in the day where they drank alcohol.

Following a disagreement, prosecutors said Adams began assaulting Mr Freeman and Ryan allegedly stabbed him in the shoulder with a knife from the kitchen.

Mr Freeman eventually managed to break free and escape.

He reported the incident to the police the next morning following a visit to the hospital.

York admits false imprisonment but denies all the other charges against him.

All the other defendants deny the charges against them.

The trial continues.