Murder trial: Court shown video footage of assault

Northampton Crown Court
Northampton Crown Court

Mobile phone footage of the assault which ultimately led to the death of a 60-year-old man was retrieved by technical experts after somebody had tried to delete it, a court has heard.

Northampton Crown Court had previously been shown a series of short clips of Glenn Clary being punched and slapped, which included footage of him sat in a chair with blood on his face, being assaulted.

Glenn Clary, of Garden Field Close, Irthlingborough, was discovered dead at Gary Monaghan’s house in Crouch Road on August 26 last year.

Some of the footage, which was allegedly shot by one of the defendants, was again shown to the court yesterday (Thursday) as a witness explained how the video clips were retrieved.

Ricky Yeomans, a high-tech crime investigator with Northamptonshire Police, told the court that somebody had attempted to delete the mobile phone footage.

However, investigators were able to retrieve the clips from the phone after they investigated the device’s memory card.

Mr Yeomans said the footage would have been originally recorded with sound but it had to be retrieved without the audio because it had become ‘unintelligible.’ There were four video clips recorded in all.

The court was also shown a clip of somebody attempting to tie Mr Clary up with a blue rope.

The phone was found at the scene of the crime and allegedly belongs to one of the defendants accused of Mr Clary’s murder.

John York, 23, of Crouch Road, Irthlingborough, Gary Monaghan, 64, also of Crouch Road, and Jennifer Ryan, 46, of Baker Street, Irthlingborough, are all charged with murder.

York, Ryan, and Neil Adams, 28, of Thomas Flawn Road, Irthlingborough, also face further charges of grievous bodily harm and false imprisonment in connection with an assault on another man, Daniel Freeman, on August 18.

The court was also read transcripts from police interviews with Monaghan and Adams.

Adams had told police that he had only attempted to shave Mr Freeman’s eyebrows off and ‘clipped him on the back of the head’ but denied assaulting the man.

York is also charged with robbery.

York admits false imprisonment but denies all the other charges against him.

All the other defendants deny all charges against them.

The trial continues.