Mum urges others to look for cancer

A YOUNG mum who would have been blissfully ignorant to having ovarian cancer were it not for falling pregnant is urging others to look out for the symptoms.

Ruth Crowhurst was expecting second child Lara in the summer of 2009 when a 12-week scan showed what appeared to be a cyst on her right ovary.

No action was taken and the growth was taken out during Lara’s Caesarean birth.

But four weeks later, Mrs Crowhurst, 33, of Newell Road, Ringstead, was told she had cancer. She had a full hysterectomy and six rounds of chemotherapy, and luckily went into remission.

Mrs Crowhurst, who remains in good health, is speaking out as part of Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month to raise awareness of symptoms which are generally unknown by most women.

These include bloating that doesn’t come and go, eating less and feeling fuller and pain in the abdomen and pelvis.

She said: “Ovarian cancer has always been known as a silent killer but that’s not correct – it does have symptoms and it’s really important we know what they are.

“What I did do was to really make the most of every minute with the children.

“At the back of my mind I didn’t know how long I would have with the children.

“There was no point in sitting around moping.

“I had to hold things together and get on with my life for my two children.”

Mrs Crowhurst has now returned to work as a district nursing sister.

An online symptoms tracker is available at www.