Mum speaks of devastating impact on her family after high-speed crash in Corby killed her son

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Two young men died after a car drifted into the wrong lane - straight into the path of a car being driven at an estimated 113mph on the A6003 in Corby.

An inquest at Kettering Magistrates’ Court this morning (Thursday) found that both Oliver Geddes, 25, of Union Street, Desborough, and Grzegorz Tobola, 23, of Kingsthorpe Avenue, Corby, died almost instantly at the scene near the Danesholme Road junction.

Both men’s cars suffered massive damage during the head-on crash and the horrendous injuries they suffered meant they were dead before they could be helped by the emergency services.

In a heartbreaking statement to the court, Mr Geddes’s mum Catherine said that she felt angry that her son had been taken from her at just 25.

Corner Ann Pember hear how former Montsaye Community College pupil Mr Geddes had been working in London on Sunday, June 8 this year, and had returned to collect his red BMW from Elm Exhibitions and Displays on the Earlstrees Industrial Estate before starting the drive home along the A6003 southbound to Desborough at about 12.20am on Monday, June 9.

Travelling in the opposite direction along the A6003 was Polish food worker Grzegorz Tobola, 23, who was arriving back in the town from a trip to Southampton.

The court heard how Mr Tobola - who had lived in the UK for four years - had not been into work that day and had agreed to drive his pal’s girlfriend to Southampton where she was due to sit an exam.

He had set off in his silver Vauxhall Corsa from Corby to Southampton at about 6.30pm, stopping in Southampton for just a few minutes before returning with his passenger Dawid Sosna.

Giving evidence, passenger Mr Sosna said that he had fallen asleep in the car and had not known anything about the accident until he awoke in hospital to be told his friend had been killed.

Forensic collision investigator Cliff Wilkins from Northamptonshire Police said that he believed the most likely explanation for Mr Tobola’s car being in the wrong lane was that he had fallen asleep at the wheel.

PC Wilkins said that the engine for the Vauxhall Corsa had been thrown from the car into a hedgerow, and that the bulkhead had been pushed backwards into the passenger compartment.

He said: “The collision took place within southbound carriageway. The damage to both vehicles demonstrates an inordinately high speed.”

PC Wilkins said that the BMW’s speedometer was stuck at 113mph and from subsequent examinations, he could say it was “probably, but not definitively” the speed at which Mr Geddes’s car was travelling when it crashed.

The court also heard how Mr Tobola’s had been caught speeding on his way to Southampton, but that his average speed over the journey was not excessive. It was estimated that his Corsa had been doing about 46mph when it crashed.

PC Wilkins said that, due to the speed being travelled by the BMW,“Mr Geddes’s ability to assimilate and react to the position of the Corsa on the road would be very seriously incurred. That would be exacerbated by the very low light levels at the scene of the collision.”

He said that police investigations had found Mr Tobola had been up late on the previous night playing computer games, and had told a pal that he had been too tired to go into work on the day before the crash. PC Wilkins said he believed the most likely explanation for him being in the wrong carriageway was that he had fallen asleep,

He added: “Culpability must lie with both drivers to some degree.”

Giving written evidence to the court, Mr Geddes’s mother Catherine said Oliver had moved from his Rothwell home to Desborough to buy a house with his brother Elliot. He was a keen skateboarder, drummer and enjoyed listening to music and going to gigs.

He was also an Arsenal fan.

She said: “The impact has been huge on the whole family.

“Each day I feel sick and I panic when I think that I will never see him again.

“As it’s happened so fast I am in shock. I find it hard to concentrate on anything. It’s constantly on my mind.

“I am angry and I am so sad. He was 25 and he had his whole life ahead of him.

“He will never get married or have children.”

A verdict of accidental death in respsect of both men was recorded.