Mum’s marathon bid for little Lily

A MOTHER will lace up her running shoes this weekend to raise money for a children’s charity.

Sarah Hobbs, of Top Dysons, Cranford, is running the London Marathon on Sunday to raise money for Children’s Liver Disease Foundation (CLDF).

Mrs Hobbs’ seven-year-old daughter, Lily, was born with a rare and incurable liver disease called biliary atresia.

Mrs Hobbs said: “Lily was born with the disease and it was life-threatening – she had to have an operation when she was seven weeks old to correct the problem.

“Since then she has been stable. She’s seven now and I can’t believe how well she’s doing.

“She has to take medication every day and she has a big scar on her stomach, so she is a bit different to her friends, but she tells everyone it’s a shark bite.

“She’ll need a liver transplant in the future but we don’t know when that will be so we take every day as it comes.”

Mrs Hobbs has done the London Marathon before but said she hopes things will turn out better this time.

She added: “I did it in 2007 for CLDF and have also done a lot of fundraising for the charity.

“I did really badly last time. I raised a lot of money but I had problems with my legs and it took me almost eight hours to finish.

“This time I’ve been able to put in the proper training and have been running three times a week. I want to get a time that starts with a five.

“I’ve raised about £2,500 so far but would like to get to £3,000.”

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