Mum is fined for parking by home

A MUM was left fuming when she discovered she had been given a parking ticket after leaving her car outside her own home.

Lorna McFadyen had parked her Vauxhall Zafira in front of her drive in Farmstead Avenue, Corby, on Thursday morning last week, to make sure it could not be blocked by inconsiderate parents dropping their children off at the nearby Beanfield Primary School.

Northamptonshire Police were in the area clamping down on dangerous parking near the school.

And ironically, Mrs McFadyen’s car was one of the cars targeted by officers and given a fixed penalty notice of £30.

Officers regularly patrol areas around schools in Corby to clamp down on inconsiderate parking at busy times, in response to residents raising concerns with them.

Previous enforcement operations have been carried out at St Brendan’s Primary School and the Danesholme schools.

Mrs McFadyen, 43, said: “I was coming back from my kids’ school and parked my car on the kerb so the buses could get through.

“And I was given a ticket for causing an unnecessary obstruction in the road.

“It’s disgusting. When I get back from the school I’ve not got enough room to get my car in.

“There are quite a few incidents around here. Sometimes I struggle to get off my drive because people have parked at the side of it.”

Mrs McFadyen says she will be appealing against the ticket.

She has already contacted Northamptonshire Police about it but was told the record of the ticket had not arrived yet.

She said: “Everything I said, they said to put in writing to them.”

On the police operations, officers are looking for cars parked dangerously near junctions and pedestrian crossings.

As well as fining the worst offenders, they hand out advisory leaflets and speak to drivers.

Speaking to the Evening Telegraph at the operation in Beanfield Avenue in November, Sergeant Chris Vickers said: “Members of the community have highlighted issues with parking near schools.

“Some people park near school to drop their children off, and if they park responsibly it will prevent accidents happening.”