Mum demands justice for son

Angus Whittall
Angus Whittall

The mum of a 15-year-old who was left bloodied when
another teenager battered him with his own crutches has criticised the police investigation into the attack.

Angus Whittall, 15, was badly beaten up in an attack in Ponder Street, Rothwell, on July 29, but the perpetrator was only arrested yesterday despite being identified immediately after the attack four weeks ago.

Angus, of Great Oxenden, was nursing a knee injury at the time of the incident and had crutches.

His mum Cathy said: “I was picking up Angus from a party and he was late, so I went to find him, only to turn into the street to find him on the floor getting hit with his own crutches.

“I screamed at the attacker to stop, who then ran away, and Angus staggered to my car, covered in blood and really hurt.

“It was shocking to see that and he was badly shook up.”

Angus received stitches following the attack, which his mum said was unprovoked, and she criticised Northamptonshire Police for not taking action quicker.

She said the police told her the attacker had been identified on July 30, but when they tried to arrest him days later they found he had fled, and had been unable to find him.

She has started an online petition calling for quicker justice, which has been signed by more than 150 people.

A police spokesman said officers took a witness statement from Angus on August 3, and arrested the alleged attacker yesterday afternoon.

The spokesman said: “Following an extensive ongoing investigation, we have arrested a 17-year-old boy from Rothwell.

“He was arrested in Desborough and charged with actual bodily harm.”