Mugger slashes victim’s face in Corby knife attack


A mugger attacked his victim with a knife as he tried to steal his phone in a Corby street.

The mugger approached an 18-year-old man walking along Beeston Place in Corby just after 7pm on Wednesday, February 5, before pulling the headphones out of the teenager’s iPhone and demanding he hand over the device.

A police spokesman added: “When the teenager refused to give up his phone, the mugger tried to punch him, but missed.

“He was then punched in self-defence by the teenager.

“The robber then pulled out a silver Stanley knife and swung at him, causing cuts to his coat and scratches to his face.

“After the attack, the teenager punched the man again and the suspect ran away towards Westcott Way.”

The robber was 5ft 10, aged 25 to 30 and spoke with an English accent.

He had scruffy light brown or blond hair and was slim.

His mouth and nose were covered by a black scarf.

He wore a blue or black Adidas round-neck jumper with three blue stripes down the arms, black Adidas tracksuit bottoms with three white stripes down the legs and black trainers.

Anyone with information should call Northamptonshire Police on 101 or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555111.