MPs to visit Corby rail station to campaign against rising cost of fares

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Labour’s Shadow Rail Minister will be at Corby train station on Monday (January 6) to campaign against the rising cost of fares.

Lillian Greenwood, MP for Nottingham South, will be joined by Corby and East Northants MP Andy Sawford when she meets rail users and campaigners.

She said: “David Cameron has delivered three years of inflation busting fare rises while wasting millions on privatising East Coast services, breaking his clear promise to get rail fares under control.

“Labour would put passengers first by enforcing a strict cap on rail fares and we would give commuters a clear legal right to the cheapest ticket.”

According to figures from Passenger Focus, an independent passenger watchdog, the cost of an East Midlands Trains’ standard class annual season ticket from Kettering to London has risen from £5,364 in January 2009 to £6,420 this month, representing a 20 per cent increase. The latest rise of £200 represents an increase of 3.2 per cent.

Mr Sawford said: “Labour opened the railway station at Corby and lots of people use it but it is becoming more and more expensive. Rail fares have risen 20 per cent under this Government. David Cameron is doing nothing to tackle the cost-of-living crisis.

“It is also completely unacceptable that passengers have had to wait until two days before Christmas to find out how much their season tickets will cost in the New Year. People need timely information so that they can budget effectively.”