MPs to campaign in Corby over EU referendum

MPs Tom Pursglove and Chris Grayling
MPs Tom Pursglove and Chris Grayling

The Leader of the House of the Commons Chris Grayling will join Corby and East Northamptonshire MP Tom Pursglove in a tour of Corby this afternoon as part of the EU referendum campaign.

Mr Pursglove said: “Speaking to people on the doorsteps, it is clear that uncontrolled immigration from the EU is a major concern.

“The current open door policy isn’t working.

“It is putting a significant strain on our public services and is having a dampening effect on wages.

“The UK needs a fair system of immigration.

“Skilled people from the Commonwealth countries, with which we have strong links, should not be kept out because we cannot stop unlimited numbers of low-skilled workers from Eastern Europe from arriving.

“I want an immigration system that treats people equally regardless of where they come from in the world.

“With countries like Turkey and Bosnia preparing to join the EU, the problem will only intensify if we choose stay in.

“There is only one way the UK can regain control of its immigration policy and that is by voting to leave the EU.”

Mr Grayling and Mr Pursglove will be meeting Grassroots Out campaigners in Oakley Road at 5pm this afternoon (Friday, April 29) and visiting the surrounding area to canvass.