MP’s national service Bill could be heard in Parliament

Philip Hollobone
Philip Hollobone

Kettering MP Philip Hollobone is making a bid to reintroduce a form of national service for all 18 to 26-year-olds.

Mr Hollobone is bringing a Bill to Parliament on Friday, September 6, to bring back some form of service for youngsters.

But the Conservative MP said the service would not just be military, adding: “I think there should be a national service scheme for young people involving participation in a variety of activities, including charitable work, care for the elderly, work connected with the NHS or the Armed Forces.”

He said a year of national service, which he has proposed for 18 to 26-year-olds, would instil physical fitness and discipline in youngsters.

He said: “I think young people would respond positively to it by developing a greater sense of self-respect, personal reliance, discipline and behaviour, which would benefit society as a whole.”

The Bill is one of three introduced by Mr Hollobone scheduled to be debated on Friday.

He also wants the UK to repeal the Bill which saw it join the European Community in 1972 and for facial coverings to be banned in public.

The MP added: “I don’t think it should be permissible for someone to cover their face in public, and we are seeing it increasingly.

“Whether it be English Defence League marchers or women in full-face burkas, society can’t function properly if people go around with facial coverings.”

Mr Hollobone has acknowledged his Bills had little chance of becoming law.