MP offers to carry Theresa May through the streets of Wellingborough after Brexit

Wellingborough MP Peter Bone
Wellingborough MP Peter Bone

The MP for Wellingborough and Rushden has offered to carry Theresa May through the streets of Wellingborough and erect a statue to her as the ‘Brexit Queen.’

Peter Bone MP made the offer during Prime Minister’s Questions in the House of Commons today (Wednesday).

The Conservative MP asked if Mrs May will come to Wellingborough after leaving the European Union in 331 days and said she would be ‘carried shoulder high through the streets to the echoing of cheering crowds.’

It was met with a raucous response from fellow MPs before the PM responded, saying: “We will be leaving the European Union and I am tempted to say to his request, how can I refuse?”

Mr Bone’s question has attracted a mixed response on Twitter, including one tweet which said: “To be fair, I know a lot of people in Wellingborough, and the suggestion that the PM will be carried through the streets, or that there will be a statue in honour of the ‘Brexit Queen’ is, to put it politely, fanciful.”

However, another said: “When 20 per cent of children in Wellingborough live in poverty how can you justify your ‘question’ when there are urgent priorities that need to be sorted within your constituency.”

A further tweet read: “Gloriously bonkers question from Euroscep Peter Bone at #PMQS ends with him proposing a statue in Wellingborough to ‘Brexit Queen’ Theresa May.”

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