MP Louise Mensch unveils new social networking website

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Corby and East Northamptonshire MP Louise Mensch has unveiled a new social networking website she has co-founded called ‘menshn’.

The new social network, which Mrs Mensch has founded with Luke Bozier, who previously worked for Tony Blair, is currently only available in the US but is set to be rolled out to the UK before the launch of the London 2012 Olympic Games this summer.

Mrs Mensch and Mr Bozier say the new social network - pronounced ‘mention’ - is formed around the simple idea of “talk, on topic”.

Starting initially with politics, menshn covers the US election, with rooms dedicated to the election and the Obama and Romney campaigns.

As users join the site, the aim is that menshn will expand to cover all topics its users are passionate about.

Mrs Mensch said: “We’re thrilled to be launching menshn as the election cycle gets into gear. On menshn political junkies like me can talk live to their peers about every poll, every swing state, every twist and turn of the world’s most enthralling political contest.

“And as we grow, we look forward to adding rooms and topics as the community drives demand.

“You can also donate to your favoured candidate right in-room. So join in and start the debate!”
Mr Bozier said: “With all the great political forums out there, we noticed that there was no place to talk about politics live. Whereas Twitter is not organised around topics, on menshn you have a permanent place to go online to talk about the things you’re most interested in. menshn quite simply caters for passions, and the best ideas are often the most simple ones.”