MP criticises drunk people for taking up space in A&E and police stations

Philip Hollobone MP
Philip Hollobone MP

An MP has raised in Parliament the problems of very drunk people taking up space in accident and emergency departments and police cells.

Kettering’s Philip Hollobone read out a letter from a Barton Seagrave constituent in Parliament yesterday (Thursday, January 8).

Mr Hollobone, a special constable with British Transport Police, said: “Once again this year over the Christmas period, we have seen our A&E departments and police cells clogged up with people who have simply had too much to drink.”

And he read out a message from the Barton Seagrave resident, which said: “I feel that we have to claim back our town centres at the weekends from drunks and protect our Health Service from thoughtless, ignorant abuse.

“To me it isn’t rocket science. When we see how the Drink Drive campaign has changed behaviour over the years, plus the Seat Belt campaign, what we need is a Government-led campaign to educate against such boozy and loutish behaviour.”

In reply, leader of the House of Commons William Hague said: “We have banned the worst cases of very cheap and harmful alcohol sales. We are challenging the alcohol industry to raise its game in doing more on a voluntary basis, including by widening the availability of lower-strength alternatives in pubs, removing high-volume and high-strength beer and developing new retail standards.

“I hope that a great deal will continue to be done to address the problem that my honourable friend rightly raises.”

Yesterday (Thursday), the Telegraph revealed the pressures Kettering General Hospital had come under over the Christmas and New Year period.

In 2013, meanwhile, Mr Hollobone and Wellingborough and Rushden MP Peter Bone had a light-hearted disagreement in the House of Commons about which of their constituencies was the nightlife capital of north Northamptonshire.

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