Motorcyclist’s ‘lethal’ potholes on county road

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A keen motorcyclist who uses a stretch of road near Wellingborough on a regular basis said potholes there are an accident waiting to happen.

Peter Holmes, the facilities manager at Oundle School, said he uses the Wilby roundabout, which joins the A509 to the A4500, at least five days a week in both his car and on his motorbike.

He said while hitting a pothole in a car can be a real menace to car drivers, to someone on a motorbike it can have fatal consequences.

He added: “I drive from Blisworth to Oundle to work on a daily basis and around that Wilby roundabout is easily one of the worst stretches of road I have ever travelled on.

“If a motorcyclist was travelling at 70mph on the A509 and hit one of the potholes there they could easily be thrown off their bike.

“The biggest risk of falling off a motorbike is that you can then fall into the path of other vehicles.”

Mr Holmes said he was told by Wellingborough Council that the Highways Agency is responsible for that stretch of road, but he has so far had no response from the agency on whether action will be taken.

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