Mother’s pride at Conah-Lee’s poetry success

Conah-Lee Binks-Thompson
Conah-Lee Binks-Thompson

A mum has spoken of her pride after her son, who suffers from autism, was chosen as one of the winners in a nationwide poetry competition.

Nine-year-old Conah-Lee Binks-Thompson is autistic and has ADHD, but his writing skills shone through when his work was selected to be published in a book.

His mum, Natasha Binks, said she was amazed when Conah-Lee came home from school one day with a letter and handed it to her.

She said: “It was amazing, he came home from school one day and handed me a letter and said ‘mum I think I have won an award or something.’

“Then I read the letter and I couldn’t believe what I was reading, it said his work was going to be published.

“It’s amazing and I am so proud of him.”

The youngster entered a competition called Poetry Detectives at his school, Exeter Primary School in Corby, along with a number of other pupils and they enjoyed huge success – with more than 100 pupils being chosen to be included in the anthology.

Kate West, the school’s literacy leader, said she was delighted with the students’ success.

She said: “We are extremely pleased.

“We entered this competition to try and raise the standards in reading and writing at the school. We wanted to get the children interested in writing and it’s certainly done that.”

Conah-Lee’s descriptive poem, entitled Last Night I Saw The City Sleeping, will now be published in a book next year with other competition winners.

The book, entitled Poetry Detectives, will be published by the Young Writers and handed out to libraries across Great Britain and the Republic of Ireland, including the British Library in London.