Mother and daughter shed over 10 stone

MOTHER and daughter Jaki and Charmianne Purser will celebrate Mother’s Day tomorrow more than 10 stone lighter than this time last year.

Charmianne, 33, of Rushden, joined Weight Watchers in February last year after her best friend asked her to be one of her bridesmaids.

Mum Jaki, 53, also of Rushden, wanted to lose weight too but was unsure about going along to a class.

But Charmianne talked her round and now Jaki goes to classes every week.

So far Jaki has lost 5st 9lbs and Charmianne has lost 5st 2.5lbs.

Charmianne said: “It’s over 10 stone between us. We are really proud and feel better too.

“I knew mum wanted to do something. She didn’t want to go at first but I managed to convince her.

“I said ‘go to the meetings, if you don’t like it don’t go’.

“She loves it now – she’s joined the gym and we do Zumba classes.”

Jaki has diabetes and had high blood pressure when she started going to slimming classes, but her blood pressure is now at the level it should be and her general health is better.

Charmianne said she had also been enjoying the benefits of her weight loss.

She said: “I’ve just had my bridesmaid dress fitting and I don’t feel frumpy.

“I feel lots better now. I would say to other mums and daughters definitely join, it’s the best thing I ever did.”

Sarah Barnes, who runs the classes which Charmianne and Jaki attend weekly at the Salvation Army in Rushden, said the pair had done very well with their weight loss over the past year.

She said: “They have done absolutely fantastically. They are very inspirational in the meetings for other members.

“For them both to have lost what they have lost is just amazing. It just goes to show what you can do in a year.”