More than 300 people sign petition calling for action to tackle speeding on Rushden road

The memorial for Derek
The memorial for Derek

More than 300 people have signed a petition calling for a speed camera to be installed on a busy road in Rushden.

The petition has been launched in a bid to have a camera in Rectory Road, the same road where Derek Scott Mitchell was killed after being hit by a car more than 10 years ago.

There is a memorial for the young boy at the junction of Rectory Road with Queen Street.

The petition, started by Gabrielle Kyreacou, states: “Since I have lived in Rushden I have witnessed some horrific accidents on Rectory Road, including someone who actually got assaulted by telling someone to slow down.

“I am sure that everyone from Rushden has heard of the heartbreaking story of the young boy who got killed, by a car on the corner of Queen Street due to the driver losing control of their vehicle on Rectory Road.

“This is happening way too much and needs to be sorted.

“You can make this happen by signing the petition for Northamptonshire County Council to install speed cameras on Rectory Road.

“This should hopefully stop so many collisions.

“So many families live on Rectory Road and most of us cross that road on a daily basis, could you imagine if it was your child?

“Please please sign.”

A number of people have posted their reasons for signing alongside the online petition, including one Rushden resident who said: “Too many motorists completely ignore the speed restriction along the road.

“Resembles a race track at times.”

Another comment read: “It’s about time something was done to control the minority who consider this road a racetrack, I fully support this petition.”

So far, 322 people have signed the petition which will then be presented to Northamptonshire County Council.

A spokesman for the county council said: “We monitor all of the roads in the county with resources directed to those roads which are the most collision-affected.

“Fixed-site safety cameras were decommissioned across the county several years ago when the Casualty Reduction Partnership was disbanded.

“Since then the county council has focused on engineering and education aspects of road safety with the police concentrating on enforcement.”

A spokesman for Northants Police said anyone who has concerns about speeding motorists should contact their local safer community team.