More than 200 people sign petition for bench to be returned to Little Harrowden’s village green

People are unhappy about the removal of the bench from the village green in Little Harrowden
People are unhappy about the removal of the bench from the village green in Little Harrowden

More than 200 people have signed a petition calling for the return of a bench which holds fond memories for generations of villagers and their families.

The village green in Little Harrowden has had a bench on it for many years.

However, an online petition has now been launched calling for it to be returned after it was removed from the village green and replaced with a planter.

A total of 220 people have signed the petition so far.

The online petition states: “As some may have noticed, our parish council have taken it upon themselves to remove our village bench, situated on the village green.

“Not only was this bench a memorial bench to a much loved member of the community and brought by his wife and family, the bench also holds many years of memories for generations of fellow villagers.

“The bench is still used regularly by walkers in the village as a rest point before heading back home, where are they going to rest now?

“I ask you to sign this petition as a rejection to their actions and for them to return the bench to its rightful place on the village green in the centre of our village.”

More than 50 comments have been left alongside the online petition.

One states: “The bench means so much to the village, it will be a sad loss.”

Another online comment said: “As this bench was in memory of a villager, it should be replaced.

“A bench is much more useful than a plant pot.”

Another states: “Many people enjoyed sitting on this bench as it was in the centre of the village.

“It has always been there and it’s disgusting that it’s been ripped out and replaced with a tin pot flower bed.”

An agenda for the meeting of Little Harrowden Parish Council held on November 13 stated councillors would be discussing the ‘maintenance/removal of the seat near the village sign.’

A spokesman for the parish council said the next meeting of the council is on Wednesday, January 13, and any questions about the bench can be addressed to councillors there.

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