More than 100 teenagers vote on Kettering skate park plans

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Teenagers have today been voting on their favourite design for a town’s skatepark that will undergo a major revamp.

Skaters were asked to decide on their favourite design out of five for the Ise Skatepark, in Kettering.

Youngsters turned up in their droves to vote, with more than 100 replies handed in.

Kettering Council announced it had secured an extra £75,000 for the refurbishment of the park earlier this week, bringing the total funds for the revamp to £150,000.

The council will now made a decision on which of the five designs, developed by different contractors, in the next few weeks, taking into account today’s public demand.

Pia Bellamy, community services manager at the council, said: “It’s such a popular park and local people are so passionate about it, and that has shown in the number of replies we have got back.

“We will take today’s voting into account before picking the final design, and we’re hoping that the refurbishment could be finished by Christmas.

“Some of the parts of the park may not last that long.”

The council decided to keep open the park in February, after its poor state brought its future into question.

The authority also worked with a committee of skate park users to develop the plans.

But Martyn Cooper, who helped build the original skate park 12 years ago, and now rides BMX professionally, was not too impressed with the plans.

He said: “The designs look great but I think there’s a high chance for accidents in all of them.

“It’s brilliant the council has so much to spend on the park, and it could be brilliant, but I think it should be built by skaters, not a development company.

“But the facilities like these are great. It’s where I first started to ride.

“It’s much better having kids making a bit of noise but having a good time in a skate park rather than making a nuisance on street corners.”