More than 100 comments made about plans for poultry farm near Rushden

The proposed poultry farm
The proposed poultry farm

More than 100 comments have been submitted about plans for a poultry farm with a capacity for up to 540,000 birds.

The Northants Telegraph recently reported that Bedfordia Farms Ltd has applied to build 10 poultry buildings and associated infrastructure on land north east of the Westwood AD Plant in Bedford Road, Rushden.

The applicants already operate a large scale farming business on the county border with Bedfordshire with 6,000 acres of arable cropping and an existing pig breeding enterprise.

These proposals are to ‘further diversify’ the business with a new poultry unit and if given the go-ahead, each building would have a capacity of 54,000 birds so the total capacity would be 540,000 birds.

Since the application went in, more than 100 comments have been made on it online as well as comments from various consultees.

Wymington Parish Council said: “This application was discussed today by Wymington Parish Council.

“They wish me to advise you that they have concerns over the infrastructure, particularly the roads system as they are aware of proposals for the Bedford Borough Council Local Plan 2035 which at the moment has the strong likelihood of two or three new settlements in the A6 corridor between Milton Ernest and the Bedford/Northampton border and the associated traffic thousands of new houses will bring to this road in the reasonably near future.”

Newton Bromswold Parish Council has said it is unanimously objecting to the plans.

The Ramblers Association has also commented on the plans, saying: “We appreciate why this complex is planned for land ‘in the middle of nowhere’ so that it will have less adverse affect on the nearest properties.

“However, it will have an adverse affect on the users of public footpath TP 9 which the access road will cross immediately in front of the complex and on public bridleway TP 8 which passes to the rear.

“The complex will be clearly visible from these public rights of way and others in the vicinity and will spoil the open aspects of this part of the countryside.”

As well as the online comments, more than 5,300 people have signed an online petition against the plans.

Documents submitted as part of the application state: “The use of the proposed poultry buildings is for the rearing of broilers from day-old chicks through to finished table weight.

“The broiler rearing cycle operates on an all in all out system, and each cycle takes 48 days.

“The broilers are reared for approximately 38 days following which the poultry buildings are cleaned out in preparation for the next batch of birds.”

East Northants Council will consider the plans.