More men needed for appeal to help people living rough in Corby and Kettering this Christmas

The Revd Dennis Binks
The Revd Dennis Binks

An appeal for volunteers to help the homeless at Christmas has had a great response, but the organisers are short of one thing - men.

The Candle of Light Christian Spiritual Church in Corby recently appealed for volunteers to join them as they try to help people who are homeless and living on the streets of Kettering, Corby and surrounding areas over the Christmas period.

They asked for people to join them or anyone who could offer items which will help those who don’t have a roof over their head.

And the appeal has had a great response so far with up to 70 people offering to help.

However, there is a shortage of men within those who have come forward to volunteer.

The Revd Dennis Binks from the church said: “We have had a fantastic response.

“We have got so many women, but just not enough guys.

“We can’t send girls out on their own.

“60 or 70 people have come forward, including some couples, but we just need more men.”

The volunteers go out in groups of four with two men and two women in each for safety reasons, and anyone aged over 18 is allowed to volunteer.

Mr Binks said all volunteers have a two-hour briefing before heading out and they liaise with the council, police, St John Ambulance and social services to ensure the safety of everyone involved.

He added: “I like to have all my volunteers back.

“I don’t want anyone to get hurt, that’s the way I have done it for years and it’s a very safe way.”

But despite the lack of men, Mr Binks said people in the community have been very generous already, volunteering to help as well as donating clothes, food and bedding.

One group has knitted hats and scarves to give out to anyone sleeping rough.

The festive campaign to help the homeless has been running for several years, and they usually get 50 to 60 people volunteering for one or all of the nights they go out on the streets to help others.

Anyone who would like to volunteer or would like more information can call Mr Binks on 07914 270842.

Donations of clothing, bedding and food can be left at the Corby Volunteer Service in Elizabeth Street, Corby.