More arrests in Kettering and Rushden as part of violent crime crackdown

Police on patrol in Kettering town centre
Police on patrol in Kettering town centre
  • Large fight in Kettering town centre
  • Police say a number of arrests made over the weekend
  • Crackdown to continue throughout March

Eight people were arrested after a large disturbance in Kettering town centre and a man from Rushden was arrested for assault as part of Northamptonshire Police’s ongoing crackdown on violent crime in the county.

Operation Limit was originally launched as a month-long initiative during February, but has now been extended into March.

The operation was created in response to a surge in violent incidents across the county.

Police say they made a number of arrests at the weekend. These included:
Eight people arrested for a violent disturbance in Kettering town centre. Five remain in custody; one was remanded and two bailed.

A man from Rushden wanted for assault and criminal damage was arrested and is currently on bail pending further inquiries.

A man who had absconded from Immigration was located and arrested.

There will be no hiding place for those who choose to commit violent crime

Chief Insp Dennis Murray

A man was arrested for domestic assault.

A man was cautioned after being arrested by Nightsafe officers in Towcester.

A man was charged for an assault at Brackley Football Club.

A man in Kettering was arrested on suspicion of affray.

A spokesman for Northamptonshire Police said: “Community events also took place in Corby and Kettering with safety packs and advice given out.

“Domestic violence offenders across Wellingborough and East Northamptonshire received visits from officers, and were given advice about the help available to them and encouraged to seek it in order to minimise the risk of reoffending.

“Test-purchase operations also took place at late-night convenience stores in Kettering. Although the majority did not sell to the test purchasers, two failed.

“Additionally, a drugs dog patrolled in Rushden and Wellingborough – 16 pubs were tested and several people were searched and cocaine was found in two of the premises.

“A breathalyser operation in Corby’s busiest pub took place during the early hours of Saturday morning. Two officers assisted door staff by breathalysing those who appeared too intoxicated to be allowed in – 20 people were tested and several were refused entry because of the level of alcohol shown on the device.”

Chief Insp Dennis Murray, the force’s County Commander, said: “The drive to crackdown on violent crime will be relentless, under the Operation Limit banner.

“There is much more to come this month as we forge links with partners to tackle violence from root cause through to prosecution.

“There will be no hiding place for those who choose to go out and commit violent crimes.”